We are the Chicago area's most trusted source of professional firearms training classes. We provide beginner to professional level concealed carry, pistol, rifle & tactical training courses.

Since 2009 our licensed, insured, and NRA certified instructors have taught hundreds of students using  our safe, professional and no non-sense approach to firearms training.

Our instructors consist of current and former military, law enforcement and industry professionals to deliver a safe and outstanding training experience. 

To be the best, you need to train with the best.


Vital Defense Solutions is the leader in pistol, rifle, shotgun, concealed carry, and tactical firearms training in Chicago. We have more than a decade of experience providing personalized, safe and effective training to individuals of varying experience levels. 

From absolute beginners to seasoned shooters; our current and former military, law enforcement and firearm industry instructors can deliver the level of training you can expect from the best firearms training company in Chicago.

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If you're new to guns and pistols specifically, this is the perfect class for you.


Safety is the main focus of this class – to effectively use a firearm you must first know how to safely handle a firearm.


This class covers different types of pistols – revolvers, single-action, double-action, and semi-auto are all explained and demonstrated.


Students will have a chance to shoot and practice what they learn in the classroom.



This class meets and exceeds the state of Illinois required minimum of 16-hours of firearms training.


It qualifies students for applying for a concealed carry permit in the State of Illinois.


Our instructors concentrate on the following topics: quick and accurate shooting, drawing and shooting from a holster, and lawful and proper way to conceal and carry firearms. Things to look for and avoid are covered as well as proper methods for concealing a firearm and when and where it is safe to do so.

Students wil practice safe, accurate, and technical shooting skills in very low light conditions, and at times under pressure from instructors.


Shooting around walls, obstacles, and identifying threat and non-threat targets at critical moments with little visibility is the primary goal of this course.

The use of flashlights, lasers, and other techniques are also covered and practiced.




"Just wanted to take a minute to says how impressed I was with the CCW class. The attorney was extremely helpful in deciding whether to get the CCW or not. I have previous military training and you guys brought me to an all time high on accuracy with my new grip. I think that all CCW classes should be formatted to the Vital Defense standard. YOU GUYS ROCK !!!!!!"


"Yesterday, Mirko took my wife and me through the basic pistol class. We are absolute beginners and Mirko's gentle and thorough training gave a comfort level I had never expected. He was encouraging and supportive and still demanding of all the principals of safety. By the end of time with Mirko, we were converts and had arrived at a level of confidence that surprised us both. We will continue to take lessons from him, and will remain forever grateful for his kindness in introducing both of us to this world." 

"My wife and I took the beginners class. Mirko is easy to deal with, thorough, and has an immense amount of knowledge about firearms. I would highly recommend the class for those newcomers thinking about purchasing a handgun." 



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