Frequently asked questions

Where are classes conducted?

All classes are conducted at local gun ranges around the north and west suburbs of Illinois, as well as southern Wisconsin. Class location will be decided ahead of time, and our instructors will arrive at the range the day of the scheduled class.

I'm new to shooting, how do I start?

Every journey begins with a single step. By taking one of our classes, you'll be taking that first step into the world of shooting sports. We recommend that new shooters, begin with our Introduction to Pistol course, which concentrates on the fundamentals of safety, handling firearms, and maintenance. These skills will then easily translate to the firearm of your choise beit a pistol, rifle, shotgun or carbine. In addition, our intro courses are broken down into two parts - theory and hands-on. The theory portion is taught in a no-pressure manner in the comfort of a classroom or quiet area, then when you are comfortable, we move to the range for the hands-on portion.

How long is each class?

The length of the class varies depending on which course you're taking. Typically, classes run from 1-3 hours, but some of our advanced courses run for 6 or more. If you would like additional information, please contact us with the class you're interested in and we can work with your schedule.

Is it safe?

Your safety is our number one focus. Our classes are set up to optimize safety, first and foremost. We run smaller classes, with more personalized instruction, and for larger classes we have multiple instructors, to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Our instructors are trained, NRA certified, and have many years of military, law enforcement, and instructional experience, and they use that experience to run safe and informative classes.

How much experience does VDS have?

Established in 2009, Vital Defense Solutions has been around the better part of a decade, providing safe and informative firearms training classes. We were one of the first firearms training schools in the Chicagoland area to deliver outstanding pistol, rifle, and tactical firearms training courses. We employ only experienced and knowledgeable instructors that have military, law enforcement and NRA instruction experience. Our instructors have over 50 years of combined firearms experience.


specialize in personal protection and tactical training, from the beginner to the advanced levels.


Whether you're an avid shooter - looking to expand your knowledge to an expert marksmen and tactical specialist, or you're a homeowner looking to better protect your investment, we have the answer.


All of our trainers are licensed, certified to teach, and have extensive military and law enforcement experience. They have undergone many years of training and have taught everyone from the average civilians to members of law enforcement and military. Their experience and knowledge of firearms and training techniques makes the difference between a good learning experience and a great one!


If you are considering firearms training, then we are your solution. From pistol to high-power rifle, beginner to advanced, we can give you the skills to protect yourself and those around you.


We make your safety and the quality of instruction that we deliver our primary objective, that's what sets us apart from others. Our Instructors deliver a safe and high quality hands-on experience that has proven to give you the skills needed to handle a firearm.


Contact us for more information about our classes or to schedule an appointment.


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